The golden thread

Earlier this week, on the first morning in my new role, I gathered together as many staff as were available to outline my aspirations for our behaviours and values as we go about our work. My view is that if we get these things right, we won’t be going far wrong.

What is the culture in your organisation? What behaviours would you prioritise if you were leading it?

The four aspirations I outlined were:

· We are here for our clients and the people who need us, for every minute of every hour we are paid to work here. This is a minimum expectation.

· I will work with managers to set objectives which drive us all to constantly improve what we do. On a day-to-day basis I will try to give colleagues space to focus on doing what they are good at, and trust them to do their best to reach their goals. But I will also encourage us all to reflect on things we might have done differently. I don’t want us to be “just good enough” and will always be looking to keep getting better.

· In trying to constantly improve, we must be a learning organisation which accepts that sometimes the new things we try will fail. But if we fail in pursuit of something we thought would bring improvement, then we shouldn’t blame each other. We should learn from our mistakes, and share the learning with each other so they don’t happen again.

· We are open and honest with each other, as far as we can be. I’m happy for colleagues to ask me anything and I will give an honest answer unless there is a reason why something must be confidential. As colleagues get to know each other I hope they feel they can be just as open with me.


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