It’s all true

Well my first week has flown by and I’m glad to say all the great things I had heard about the brilliant services provided by Age UK Sheffield are true.

I sat in on a heart-warming meeting of our Independent Living Co-ordinators, who were sharing their experiences and issues, and providing great peer support and advice to continually improve the work they do. I heard about an amazing life-saving intervention by Jamal a few weeks back.

I then spent two days shadowing Sarah and Ruth in home visits to five clients with remarkably different needs – from home adaptations to unpacking and assembling a settee; from changing bank account details for the receipt of benefits to advice on savings. What really struck me was how much those clients needed that support – and the question of who would have helped them if Age UK Sheffield weren’t there to.

Last week we also received confirmation we have been CHAS accredited for our health and safety standards. Further confirmation of the really high quality work taking place here, and well done to everyone involved.

The challenge we face is to be able to continue to provide these excellent, much-needed services in an ever-more-competitive environment. It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to with a great team around me, but we need support (money!) from throughout the community to continue to thrive.

For information on ways to support our work, click here.


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