Don’t pray for Paris – do something good instead

The good things that can come out of an appalling atrocity of the like that was visited on Paris last weekend are, almost, nil.

We must, though, try to clutch on to whatever good we can find out of any situation. One thing that has struck me over the last couple days, and does so on all occasions like these, is an incredible togetherness that develops, that is masked in normal circumstances. We go about our busy lives, focused almost entirely on ourselves, our families and our work, and other things are too easily pushed aside. I’ve spent much time over the past fortnight talking to my staff about donating and fundraising and, to be honest, have pushed at an open door. I guess those who choose to work for a charity have a more active caring gene than most. 

One of my team is organising a charity pub quiz. Another is rounding up a few of us to give blood, something I used to do but haven’t done for years. 

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas, I’ll be making an extra effort to think about small things I can do for others, to bring more people together. Many of these things, like giving blood, don’t cost anything.

I’d urge you not to pray for Paris (as one local rightly noted, the last thing they need is more religion!) but to use it as motivation to do something for someone. Maybe then we can continue to feel “together” for a little bit longer. 


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